Skin cancer MDT

Multidisciplinary team (MDT) care is when healthcare professionals from a range of specialties come together to deliver comprehensive care that addresses the individual needs of a patient.


Who is on the skin cancer MDT?

There are many treatment options for melanoma, including surgery, medical therapy (immunotherapy and targeted therapy), and radiation therapy. Different patients may receive different treatments in a different order.

The melanoma MDT brings together healthcare professionals with expertise in these different areas of melanoma treatment, including surgeons, dermatologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, psychologists and nurse specialists.

What does the skin cancer MDT discuss?

The melanoma MDT discusses the best treatment plan for different patients. When recommending a treatment plan, the MDT will consider:

  • the type and size of the cancer, and whether it has spread
  • the patient’s general health
  • national treatment guidelines for the cancer in question
  • whether there is an appropriate clinical trial for the patient
  • patient preference, family and social situation.

What are the benefits of MDT care?

Being managed by an MDT means that a patient is more likely to:

  • receive accurate diagnosis and staging
  • be offered a choice of treatments decided by a group of experts, rather than by one doctor
  • receive better coordination and continuity of care through all stages of the cancer
  • be treated in line with locally agreed policies and national guidelines
  • be offered appropriate and consistent information.

In addition, the skin cancer MDT may offer patients the chance to participate in clinical trials involving newly developed therapies that would not be available otherwise.

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