Virtual surgical planning (VSP)

Virtual surgical planning (VSP) is the use of 3D imaging computer software to plan out and rehearse a complex surgery. It can take many forms, but it is most used in craniofacial reconstruction. That is, surgery to repair bones in the skull, face and jaw. VSP has been shown to increase surgical precision and decrease operating time in complex cases. It is customised surgery tailoring a patient’s reconstruction to their condition and anatomy.

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What is involved in VSP?

The first step in VSP is to take a scan of the region that needs to be reconstructed, as well as any donor sites (i.e. areas of the body where tissue may be taken from to perform the reconstruction).

Dr Ch’ng will then meet with the surgical team to review these scans and plan out the reconstructive surgery. The surgical team will differ depending on the patient being treated, but may include a maxillofacial surgeon, prosthodontist, biomedical engineer, other support staff.

The VSP software enables Dr Ch’ng to identify the most suitable donor tissue to use in the reconstruction, design any implants or metalware that might be required to support the reconstruction and prepare the most appropriate equipment to use during the procedure.

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