Fat grafting

Fat grafting (also known as fat injection, fat transfer or lipofilling involves the removal of fat from one area of the body for injection into the face. It is used to alter facial contours and correct any depression or irregularities.

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What does fat grafting involve?

During a fat grafting procedure, fat is extracted from one area of the body (usually the abdomen or flank). It is then filtered before it is re-injected into the face using a small calibre cannula. Common areas for fat grafting include the temples, lips and cheeks.

Dermofat grafting is a different type of procedure that involves cutting out a small piece of fat and overlying skin (usually from the groin crease) and transferring it to the face. Fat grafting, like any filler injection, carries the risks of injury to nerves, inflammation, creating new/further irregularities, and in rare cases, fat embolisation (fat breaking off and traveling in blood stream.

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